Friday, March 23, 2007

Rose, MB, Jeni and Helen come to town!

Well. the start of the bachelorettte party weekend has started! My sister Rose, Maribeth and Jeni (in the picture above and who we grew up with in Pensacola) and Helen arrived in town! Its so exciting to have everyone come in town and its really nice to be able to host this for Helen. MB and Jeni came in town for fashion week which just so happened to be the same time that the other girls were coming in for Helen's party. Jeni just opened up her own boutique called Studio B in Pensacola so is here to scout out the latest fabrics and fashion!
We've already had a great week, going to comedy night at the World Lounge Cafe on Main Street in Santa Monica and before we went out, Rose and I did a small performance at my place -- I played the guitar and Rose sang! It's always so much fun to just hang out at the house with some wine and some good tunes!
We've been exploring the west side, biking down to the beach and my friend Vanessa met up with us for lunch one day-- we went to the Library Ale House also in Santa Monica (really close to where I live) and if you are local, you have to go check it out! The food is sooo awesome and the ambiance is great! Stay tuned for more fun!