Sunday, April 22, 2007

Camping at Joshua Tree

Wow, this last past month has been incredibly busy so I am really trying to catch up on my posts. Between work, traveling and having friends come visit... I haven't had much time to blog. But hopefully I will be able to catch up on some posts...

For Easter weekend, I was supposed to go home to Pcola but couldn't make it and with all the traveling that I had at the end of the month (which is now) I just needed some r&r in LA! So, 10 of us went camping at Joshua Tree (Black Rock) for a couple of nights and we had a great time! I need to get more of the pics from my sister who took most of the pictures but here were some of us on a hike in Jumbo Rock!
Our campsite was really nice and thanks to Emma and Yung who did all the shopping for the trip- we had some great meals and snacks galore! We never got hungry at the campsite or hiking (you should have seen all the snacks we packed!)
We went on some great hikes and my favorite one was 49 palms which was a long hike into the desert and after you hiked over this big mountain, you saw the oasis that was just a bunch of palm trees in a bit of water surrounded by these big rocks which you could climb on and explore. We sat under the palm trees to have our lunch that day and it was sooo nice... good times.
Stay tuned for more pics to come on my flickr account!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Internet Broadcasting : Minneapolis

I got back from our meetings up in Minneapolis (headquarters) where I work for Internet Broadcasting. I only get to see these guys four times a year (once a quarter) and its really a lot of fun when we all get together. In the picture above are all of us who do what I do around the country... From left to right its Kim, me, Jeff, Jesse, Dave (my boss), Phil and Catharine- we all went to dinner the night before we all left to go back to our own cities. We basically have 2 straight days of meetings where we sit in the "fish bowl" (conference room surrounded by glass) and meet with all the different departments and share our successes from around the country. Here is a shot of us above pretending like we are working... These are the folks that support us while we are on the road... they are our sales support group. Without these guys, we wouldn't be able to do get our work done! They just hired a couple of new sales support people and it seems like they are adding to the team every day! We are growing by leaps and bounds and going through some growing pains but it is definitely a good place to be! Until next quarter...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Rose Cafe in Santa Monica

The last day of the Bachelorette party weekend, we had a nice relaxing Sunday on the west side. We started with a nice, really long brunch at The Rose Cafe .... one of my most favorite places to eat breakfast on a lazy weekend morning. The Rose Cafe is located on Rose and Main street, just a block or two from where Abbott Kinney ends and Main Street starts. its got such a great atmosphere, the food is spectacular and there is a cute little store inside to check out.
The weather was perfect this day and it was a nice lead-in to our full afternoon at the Burke Williams Spa in Santa Monica, which was all of 2 minutes away from where we were. We ended the weekend with hour long massages followed by the steam room, the hot tub, the misting room, the sauna, some time in the reading room and doing that over and over again until we couldn't take it anymore. I definitely recommend spending your day here if you have time... and if you decide to not get a massage, you can still come here, spend 40 bucks and use all their ammenities. It's a steal.

What a great way to end the weekend. I miss those girls so much (and all my other girls in New Orleans) already. Can't wait until the wedding!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Helen's Bachelorette Weekend

Well, I am finally getting around to posting about our bachelorette party weekend a couple of weekends ago! There were wayyyy too many pictures to choose from, so I picked a couple and will flickr the rest when I get a chance!

The weekend started off great and went off without a hitch! I was so worried there wasn't going to be enough room for everyone but we all fit fine in my little two bedroom apartment. Everyone got in on Friday night so we had to take several trips to the airport but we had jello shots ready for those who landed (I know, I know... but what's a party without jello shots!) and we just hung out at my place and had drinks, lots of welcoming drinks and of course, a night of guitar playing and singing until the wee hours of the morning. The next day, we rode bikes and went to the beach all day! We went down to Venice beach right down from where I live and we biked down the strand and picked a spot where we hung out pretty much all day. We played some paddle ball, volleyball, went for a VERY long run- i think almost an hour and a half- and then went down to the Santa Monica Pier.
After hitting the beach, we went back to my place and grilled out and there was a ton of food! We had burgers and the fixins' and of course, all the awesome food my dad cooked! Thanks Dad! After we ate, we played games (which were hilarious!) and drank more before hitting the Hermosa Beach pier. We were sooo tired by then but hung in there until we finally came home to crash. (Don't these pictures remind you of highschool? Good times)
The next day, we went to an awesome brunch at the Rose Cafe before going to Burke Williams Spa... but I will blog some pictures of that later! We are off to Joshua Tree to go camping for the weekend but I just wanted to make sure I got this post in before we left! Have a great wekeend everyone!

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Jay Leno Show

Here is the picture of us (Helen, Maribeth, Rose and I) hanging out with Jay Leno after the taping of the Tonight Show last Friday Night.. you know, because that's how we roll! Ok, so we didn't actually hang out with him- we just got meet him for all of 5 seconds-- but it just sounds better to say we were "hanging out" with him! Ha... anyway- come to LA and you could get the Super Duper VIP treatment that we did!!! My contact Aziz over at NBC hooked us up with a studio tour and here is a picture of us below. I also got to get on stage during the taping- although I didn't actually get "on the show". Man, I can really make a story sound AWESOME, right? They actually made me dance for like 15 seconds, which felt like an hour, by myself in front of the whole studio audience (ok, so there was like 50 people in the crowd-- but there might as well have been 500!) and all I got was a Jay leno hat! They picked 10 people in the audience to make complete fools of themselves in front of everyone before the show and of course, I had to get on stage! Before the show, we met the security guys Andy and Tony and one of them saw me when they asked for people to come up and he picked me to come down! I am sooo stupid!!!! After the show, they took us back stage to where Jay was going to come out and we got to meet him.
Here is a picture in front of Ellen's studio where they do the taping for her and a picture of Jay's car that he drove that day because I think he has 20 different cars (or maybe more!). Just wanted to post a few pictures but check out my flickr account soon because I will be posting more. I will also post some other pictures from the really, really long weekend this past weekend with everyone in town from Helen's Bachelorette party!