Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Rose Cafe in Santa Monica

The last day of the Bachelorette party weekend, we had a nice relaxing Sunday on the west side. We started with a nice, really long brunch at The Rose Cafe .... one of my most favorite places to eat breakfast on a lazy weekend morning. The Rose Cafe is located on Rose and Main street, just a block or two from where Abbott Kinney ends and Main Street starts. its got such a great atmosphere, the food is spectacular and there is a cute little store inside to check out.
The weather was perfect this day and it was a nice lead-in to our full afternoon at the Burke Williams Spa in Santa Monica, which was all of 2 minutes away from where we were. We ended the weekend with hour long massages followed by the steam room, the hot tub, the misting room, the sauna, some time in the reading room and doing that over and over again until we couldn't take it anymore. I definitely recommend spending your day here if you have time... and if you decide to not get a massage, you can still come here, spend 40 bucks and use all their ammenities. It's a steal.

What a great way to end the weekend. I miss those girls so much (and all my other girls in New Orleans) already. Can't wait until the wedding!

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