Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Backstage in Culver City: HBD Ben!

Last Friday night, we celebrated Ben's birthday at this cool little dive, karayoke bar called Backstage in Culver City. It looks completely cheesy from the outside and is definitely a dive... and you wouldn't even know it has karayoke there until around 9:30 or 10pm... the screen comes down and its full on singing! We got to meet some of Ben's friends and had a group there ourselves and Ben and Joey (oh.. and Dena too!) sang there fair share of songs! It seemed like everytime they called a name out, it was either one of their names. Below is a picture of me, Kara, Vun and Dena at the birthday bash... I love this picture of me, Mike and Rick... they both look like Mr. Clean! It was nice meeting Rick this night- he is originally from Chicago and just a really genuine, all-around nice guy (Mike you are too!). Oh-- I got to give him props too because he got up to sing... and danced with the sistas too! Get low......get low, get low, get low.... ha!

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