Monday, June 04, 2007

BBQ in Hermosa Beach : Memorial Day

For Memorial Day weekend, we went to a bbq down in Hermosa Beach (about 3 beaches South of me below Manhattan Beach) to meet my friend Cedric who was in town for a few days to visit his friends from Cali. It only took us about 15 minutes to get down there (I love being on the west side!) and Dena drove down there with me. I'm glad we went becauase we ended up meeting a bunch of new people that were very welcoming and fun! We stayed at the bbq for a good 6 or 7 hours before heading down to the Hermosa Beach Pier to check out some of the places down there. We spent hours playing guitar on the balcony, eating some great food and they definitely kept the drinks flowing. The best were Nick's real mango margaritas! Delicious!
So I tried to hang with the boys and played a few songs with Ben who was so fun and knew a ton of songs! He is a great singer and with Joey, Cedric and Nick accompanying him along with everyone else, it was quite a concert! I can't believe how long we were out there singing. The weather started out overcast and cloudy, then the sun busted out a little bit but went away again pretty quick.. I can't believe how chilly it was!
Here is a picture of Vunn and me at this place on the pier that has live music! I have to say that the pier was pretty cool, very scenic and I am sure there are great restaurants. However, its sort of like a mini-beachy-hollywood with the long lines, stand behind the rope, only the beautiful people can get in (ok... not really) kind of thing. Thankfully Nick and Joey knew everyone on the pier so we didn't have to stand in line but I don't know if I will be hanging out there much without those guys! Anyway, Vunn was great and will hopefully see those guys this weekend at Ben's birthday party!

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michelle said...

awesome! my friends and i used to hang out in hermosa beach -- specifically the Downtown Pier Plaza -- all the time for food and drinks. abe used to be a resident dj for one of the bars there too. there's an irish pub that's really popular, but it was usually packed with both LMU college kids AND professors during important sporting events. lol! i miss cali. hope ced had a great time, and i'm glad you're enjoying LA!