Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Culver City Arts Walk

This past weekend, we took part in the Culver City Arts Walk which is just right next door to my hood. To school you just for a bit, technically I live in Mar Vista, which is just on the edge of Venice. Most people don't know where that is, so I just tell people I live in Venice. Next door to me right on the east side is Culver City. There aren't really any lines that define this entire area on the west side--or at least none that I know of-- but Marina Del Rey, Playa, Venice, Mar Vista, Palms and Culver are just sort of mixed in together.

Culver City is an area which I haven't really explored much except within the last month or so. This walk was a nice one to do because we walked all around Washington Blvd. that runs through Culver and all down the side streets and into the "downtown" area. In the last 5 years, this area has really grown with new galleries, eateries and businesses popping up left and right. There were 42 galleries that were included in this walk and we got to sample some great restaurants as well. I went with my friend Dena, Cordia and her friend Ruthie and then we all invited some people and had a nice group at the end of the walk. Its always nice to meet new people... especially Kevin (K-Fed) and Jack (or Jorge as we like to call him here). Here are some pictures of us at Ford's Filling Station, which is right on Washington Blvd. and is owned by Harrison Ford's son. Its a great place for cheese and olive trays, flat breads and salads. Next door there is also a great place called Tender Greens that serves awesome, healthy lunches so if you are in the area, you should check it out!
Besides the art, food and people, we enjoyed the music and finding this great little place called the Industrial Jazz Cafe that has soul food and live Jazz 4 nights out of the week! I am sure I will be frequenting this place in the near future! This is a picture of one of the bands playing on one of the corners during the artswalk... can you tell the difference between this band and one you would see in New Orleans?