Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rebirth comes to LA!

Wednesday night, we went to The Mint which is a really cool, small venue here in Los Angeles that reminds us of The Maple Leaf in some ways. It only holds 250 people and its a great venue to go see shows! That night, the Rebirth Brass Band from New Orleans came to play and I invited some friends I made here in Los Angeles to get a taste of what real New Orleans music sounds like! It was a packed house! We had a great time and a couple of us brought a neck full of beads to pass out to the crowd and white hankies to wave during the show. We had about 15 of us show up and everyone had such a great time.... so great that we are going to try and catch The Preservation Hall Jazz Band coming to the mint on Thursday, July 5th (if you live here and are interested in coming along, give me a call!).Below is a pic of Mike and Ron and the next one is of me and Stu.. he is also from New Orleans (his whole family still lives there) and Miranda brought him along for us to meet! We met so many New Orleanians that night and are looking forward to partying with all of them again soon! Its great to see how many people from New Orleans are here and in the 9 months that I have lived here, its truly amazing just how many people the city has touched in one way or another. When you meet people here that have ties to the city, it instantly creates a bond like no other. They are immediately your friend and so far, everyone that I have met that has that same connection has been truly wonderful and glad to have met them. The spirit of New Orleans lives on.... even all the way over here on the west coast.

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Roger Jr said...

Ha- I saw them the week before too, here in SF! It was a really fun show, I was also with a former New Orleans crowd, too ;)