Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tenants move into Rizaville…

Yes “Rizaville” as my friends call it. Vanessa started calling it that and it just caught on! Well, I finally got my house in the Philippines rented out, thanks to my agent and everything- Auntie Malou. Oh yes- and my mother too because she has been my translator/second agent. Hope you both are reading this because this is a shout out to the both of you!

I’ve never bought anything internationally and don’t think I ever would have if I didn’t have someone like my Auntie Malou taking care of everything- literally… from showing it to fixing everything around the house and finally to finding tenants. I am leaving to go there in about 3 weeks and can’t wait to finally see it in person. Here is a picture of what it looks like now- the house that is on the property- which looks nothing like it did when I first bought it. It used to be pink, with pepto-bismol colored bedroom walls but she had it painted and it looks brand new! This property is right next to my mom and dad’s place so we are neighbors! My cousin Joel and his wife Winnie and their kids live in my mom’s place and we will be staying there too since there are now people occupying the house. I have 2 little apartments to rent out still and then it will all be rented out! I am counting down the days until I fly to the PI!

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