Saturday, July 21, 2007

Philippines, Day 1

Well guys, I am pretty sure I won't be able to blog everyday- but I did want to give you a quick recap and let you know that we made it safely to the Philippines. Rach, not sure if my text messages are going through but I sent you a couple since I've been here letting you know that I was with Winnie, etc... Traveling back and forth to Manilla and other far away places, I bring my computer so I can write a little bit on the way. Right when we landed, it was about noon in the Philippines and although we had been traveling and layed over for almost 24 hours, we were wide awake ready to go to Angeles City, which was about an hour and a half drive from Manilla (where the main airport is). Joel and Winnie picked us up and we headed straight for the hospital where my Uncle Willie was diagnosed with cancer in his kidney and they were going to perform surgery to get it out. They were going to have to take out one, but the other one remained. Apparently, you can have only 25% of your kidney and still have it remain functional like if you had a whole one. When we got there, Auntie Malou and the rest of the party including my Uncle Nick and family were there carrying on in the room while he layed there recovering. It was like a party was going on... totally filipino style. My Uncle Malou JUST getting out of surgery trying to recover and everyone laughing and telling stories all around him in his little hospital room. It was quite a scene. As we walked down the hall to leave, it was funny to see EVERY other patient room just the same way- overflowing with family and friends.
After leaving the hospital, we went to kill some time by going to get some Halo Halo at Razon's which was really super good- just had the basics not all the other crazy stuff in it that some people put in there. Halo Halo is a filipino desert with shaved ice, carnation milk and a variety of exotic fruits that is really good to eat when its hot outside. These deserts had macapuno (shredded coconut), beans and a couple of other ingredients, and then on the top had lechflan that you mixed into your desert. It was delicious! Here is a pic of all of us there. We had to kill some time because it wasn't until around 5 oclock until we were going to meet Cecilia at the Starbucks in Shoe Mart so that she could come with us to Angeles City. It worked out because her parents were going to be in Bataan, close to San Fernando Valley where we were. We hung out at the mall, then headed back towards town and there we went to my Uncle's building that he owns- the Excelsior- to drop my mom off at the dentist. Since we had to wait for her for a pretty long time, we went to Curly Cues next door and treated ourselves to a pedicure, back massage and hand massage! My dad got his hair colored and the royal treatment including a mani and pedi! It was awesome... my treatments cost me almost 900 pesos.. which is 18 bucks! We got back to the house and then Winnie was going to the R&B with some of her friends so Cecilia and I tagged along. Ok- I was SO tired but I thought.... one drink couldn't hurt and it was only about 10:30am. Well 4 hours later... I finallly got some sleep! Winnie's friends were hilarious and we had a good time, danced at Club Bossa to some kickin' PI tunes- but since I hadn't slept now in almost 48 hours, it was time to retire.

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