Thursday, July 19, 2007

We made it to Hong Kong!

Well, I left Los Angeles and took a red-eye flight to the Philippines, stopping in Hong Kong. I am with my parents and will be meeting up with my best friend Cecilia and her parents. It is Friday morning here around 8 in the morning and we just landed in Hong Kong about an hour ago! Just wanted you guys to know that we made it safe and sound and are going to board very soon for our short flight from Hong Kong to Manilla- only an hour and a half. As you can see, the skies were friendly and we had a really smooth ride here. Right when we boarded the flight, we all passed out (around 2am) and didn't even wake up until almost 9am! (No drugs needed, ha!) It was great that 7 hours flew by so quickly, of course we had another 7 to go!

They served us some beef and chicken dishes for dinner which was actually pretty good- mine tasted like one of dad's dishes served with rice and veges! The cheesecake that came with it was pretty good too! Then for a snack, they served us the cup-o-soup that comes in a styrofoam cup and it was accompanied by chopsticks! All during the flight, they had mini ham and cheese sandwiches, peanuts and drinks to choose from so let's just say we never got hungry. For breakfast, we got omlettes with sausage, yogurt, fruit and a muffin! I like the way Cathay Pacific rolls... ok- I can't eat for a while! I am sooo stuffed!
This is what it looked like flying into Hong Kong. It was so beautiful and remember these were taken around 6am so the sun was just rising. I can't believe how green it looks and then all of a sudden you see about a hundred high rise buildings. It was so beautiful flying in... too bad we will only be here for another hour and can't tour around. I will try and blog at my next opportunity but just wanted everyone to know we are safe and sound!

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