Friday, August 03, 2007

Diving in Cebu : Day 2

The next day, Cecilia and I had to get up at 5:30am to be at the dock for 6am for the shark dive. The name of the spot was Tingo Point and we went down to 120 feet and stayed down for about 45 minutes. Ok, so no sharks but we saw a ton of other things! Check out these little critters... You are looking at pipe fish, nudibranch and a sea worm.This is also the smallest nudibranch that I have ever seen! This trip, Mikey and Dindo accompanied us on these 2 dives (the pic above we are eating some yummy empanads). Actually, Amando came with us on the second dive and we were honored to have him come. Here is a group shot of Cil, Amado and me in the water!He was hungover from the night before but we managed to talk him into it. It was a great morning of diving. The 2nd dive was on the house reef- Punta Ergano Point. Here you can see every color of frog fish- and big ones too! They are crazy because they look like frogs, will disguise themselves in the coral and they can't swim- they have webbed feet and literally hop from place to place... very slowly of course. Here is a big yellow frog fish!
We also saw some cool scorpion fish and TONS of lion fish. One coral head that I saw had 6 of them all hiding in it... very cool. They are so neat to watch under water but they can be very dangerous so I had to keep my distance. Look at what amazing fish they are... beautiful.
There were also all sorts of puffer fish.. I still have to look up what exactly they are called but in any case- they are cool looking fish. Later that afternoon we went kayaking which was very comical. It was Reyanne's first time ever kayaking and we also attempted to take her snorkeling along side the kayaks but had trouble getting back on the boat! It was hilarious... Cecilia and Dindo's kayak had a tiny leak and their boat ended up filling with water so they had to go back on shore to empty it one time. The second time, they barely made it back and ended up capsizing right before getting back on land! Good times...

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