Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cil comes to visit!

It was so awesome to have Cecilia come stay with me for a few days while she interviewed for schools here in the California area for her fellowship. She had a bunch here in Cali- from San Diego, LA, Irvine and San Francisco- I am crossing my fingers that she will be somewhere here in Southern California so we can be closer together.

Cecilia and I have been friends since before Kindergarten—there is some debate about when we actually met but I say when we were 3. It is awesome that to this day, we have remained friends, best friends, and I know that she will be in my life forever. We just got back about a month ago from the Philippines where we spent a couple of weeks together and now this trip- we have been spoiled this year getting to see each other so much and I hope that we only get to see each other more next year if she matches with one of the hospitals here close by. It would be so great to have her and Jon next door so we can take weekend trips together and be close in distance again.

We had a pretty jammed pack trip when she was here… around all of her interviews of course and my work as well. The timing worked out great because Emma and gang took their big board exam on Friday so we had a big party to celebrate that- not to mention Nate being in town from New Orleans because he had to attend a wedding in Malibu. It was crazy the people that were at Ron and Emma’s house for the party on Friday night who were either from New Orleans or Pensacola. Shoot, there were a couple of people from Vermont too where Emma is from.

We couldn’t get everyone together because we were scattered all over the place but here is a picture of most of the people who were there from New Orleans. It was a great party- a ton of fun. Here is a picture of Dena Cory and I (all from Pensacola… we are missing Eva and Carey!)
We also spent Saturday at Glen Ivy- my second home these days. It’s located in a canyon south of LA in Corona and has mud baths, mineral baths, pools, spa houses, an awesome cafĂ©, etc… I am sure you have seen a few postings from Glen Ivy on my blog previous to this. I can’t get enough of that place—Dena came with us that day! I am looking forward to her next trip in and hopefully next time it will be to move! I miss you Cil so much and it was a blast to have you down again... we've been lucky to see each other about 6 times this past year, and one of those times we were in the Philippines together! There will never be enough times for sure....