Saturday, October 27, 2007

Update on the fires!

Just wanted to update everyone on the situation here... I landed on Wednesday and you could smell a little bit of smoke in the air but mostly, you could see a light blanket of dust on cars from the ashes from the fires that have traveled all this way. There was a haze in the sky and everyone's allergies were acting up due all the stuff in the air! Actually, a lot of people evacuated to Los Angeles, along with neighboring cities but today is Saturday and everything is pretty much back to normal.

This morning, I ran a 10 mile run with my running group, the LA Leggers, and we run in Santa Monica along the strand on the beach and up in the pacific palisades which goes up to Malibu where the fires broke out. I was nervous about the air quality but today is pretty much back to normal and the run went great! It was overcast this morning, as it still is overcast, and it even rained a little bit this afternoon. The run actually was really nice since it was so overcast and I felt great after the 10 miles! I stretched, went home to shower and then got an hour massage which was much needed!

Let's continue to pray for everyone in San Diego county since there are still one or two fires that they are trying to contain but they are almost there! The winds have died down and the weather is cooperating so that's great news for our fire fighters! Hope that everyone has a great weekend and be safe if you are out trick-or-treating!