Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from Pensacola, Florida! Just had to post this picture of the delicious fried turkey that my dad just took out of fryer..... yummy!!!!! We are about to eat in an hour or so and we are all busy trying to get dinner done- well, Rachelle and dad are anyway. I hope that everyone is happy, healthy and safe this holiday season! I am thankful to have all of you guys in my life.... miss and love everyone!
Much love, Riza


rosalyn said...

man, that turkey looks SOOOOO good!!!! i miss you all and wish i could be there for the Thanksgiving holidays. i would kill for a Thanksgiving meal! They have no idea what Turkey is here in Japan. I had to explain to my students what Thanksgiving was and how fabulous the meal is. They were asking me what turkey tastes like...pretty funny!

My friend Diane and I decided to celebrate Thanksgiving together and go out for dinner. We went to a nice American style restaurant but it was reservation only, just for this particular night. We didn't even think about that and we were so bummed!!! We tried to look up a few other international restaurants, but they were booked. We were craving an American meal so bad to celebrate Thanksgiving in Tokyo, we opted for our last resort of TGIFridays and split ribs and a new york strip. We had 1 glass of wine each and our bill was over 80,000 yen, which is about $80 USD. Isn't that bananas?!?!?!?

Love you! Happy Thanksgiving!

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