Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanks to all for a wonderful birthday!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for such an awesome birthday weekend. It was SO special to be able to spend it with everyone and have some quality time with each of you guys. You guys really made me feel special and it just shows me how blessed I am to have such good friends in my life. Friday night, I had the pleasure of having dinner with Dena, Geeta and Kathy at our favorite place which I am sure you have seen on my blog or flickr account many, many times- Cafe Brasil. Thanks Mike for turning me on to that place- you know how much I love to go there! It was a beautiful night with great food, good friends and good wine- thanks to Kathy (since my bottle sucked!). Geeta didn't think she was going to make it on Sat night so we set up a special night for us on Fri nite! The next day my good friend from high school, Carey, picked me up and we got massages together (man, so nice!) and then headed over to Chez Jays for a nice brunch. Funny to sit and have mimossas amongst all the old guys in this dive place right off Ocean blvd in Santa Monica-- but it was perfect to me! We caught up and his birthday was the night before so we treated each other... Scorpios rule! Then that night, we had dinner and game night at Ron's house and it was such a lovely night! Dena made me an awesome red velvet cake (and the pecan decorations on the top were so sweet!) ... its so nice to have a home made cake! She did a terrific job on the cake and I will tell you- its even better the next day! Ron got us some filipino food from this place close by-- we had pancit and egg rolls but can't say that was home made-- sorry dad! Besides the fabulous food and gifts (thanks everyone for all the presents!) - we played a "mean" game of cranium-- and got heated! We had to video some humdinger rounds b/c we couldn't tell who was getting it first and let's just say someone's team kept cheating! Then started a marathon game of texas hold 'em! We should of never started.... After we finished our game and Geeta cleaned out our wallets (beginners luck!), we went to Fred 62 for some breakfast! I couldn't believe we were still up-- it reminded me of when my parents would play mahjong all night long! We were extremely tired but since the sun was coming up and we were a bit hungry, we decided to walk down to Fred 62 for some grub! Walking home, it was so foggy and misty and here are some shots of the empty streets of Los Feliz after a fun birthday night!

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