Friday, February 01, 2008

Wendy Visits LA

Last weekend, one of my great friends from childhood- Wendy- (we went to kindergarten together) came to visit me in LA for a while and we had a great time. Wendy had come to LA once before but it was when I first moved here and still lived with my brother. I've seen so much of Wendy this past month because we were both in Pensacola for a while over the holiday and now I get to spend more time with her less than a month later! This is the most I've seen her in a couple of years. MAYBE if she moves to California I will see her more.
Wendy and I did a lot around the Venice/Santa Monica area-- from going to my favorite Circuit Works class a couple of times on Abbott Kinney (I am addicted to that place), to getting massages and biking all around the beach and westside. Also when she was here, we had a party for Dena at Makai in Santa Monica near the pier. Funny enough, the bartender was the little brother of one of our friends from high school in Pensacola. (Crazy how many Pensacolians we have out here AND New Orleanians!). He hooked us up and we are forever grateful to him. We are going to miss Dena so much when she moves back to Seattle... especially all the boys! But she is going to be coming back often (you better Dena!) so I will not say good-bye to her just yet. The last photo is us in Korea Town at our favorite little Korean BBQ place called Su Rit Gol (I think I got that right). Thanks Eric for the tip on this place because we love it! No karayoke this time.. but we did hit the Viceroy after. Since it was "sprinkling" in LA, people freaked out and everyone stayed indoors... people out here just don't know what real rain is like!!!! Wendy, hurry up and come back out! I miss you!

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