Friday, March 28, 2008

Dinner at Pam's Place

Last week, K-fed's mom came to visit for Easter (Shirley) and they drove down to spend the holiday with his brother in San Diego. I got to meet her for the first time and have dinner with them before taking my red eye flight to Pensacola, where I spent Easter with my family. We had a lovely dinner at Pam's Place (the Thai food there is the best!) and she is absolutely lovely. Looking forward to getting to know her better!!! I am in Mammoth while I write this so I am off to the slopes!!! Wish me luck that I don't break anything.. its snowing outside right now so we should have some good powder!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The "Sideways" Tour

Last weekend, K-fed and I took a trip to wine country, north of Santa Barbara. If you saw the movie "Sideways"- then you will know exactly the trip we took. In the movie, they drove from LA to the central valley and toured around Buellton, Solvang, Santa Ynez, etc...These places are about 2+ hours away from LA and the drive up there was absolutely stunning. We did the exact same drive and started from where we live around Venice Beach, up Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) where you witnessed the beautiful Pacific ocean on one side and cliffs, valleys and mountains on the other with gorgeous terrain and spectacular homes. It was interesting to see how the terrain changed as we headed north, where it turned into really green rolling hills, fields of vineyeards, produce and every now and then, cute little towns. We stayed at the Windmill in and ate at the Hitching Post which was right down the street (in the movie, you see them walking there past the car dealerships). The food was actually delicious and of course the wine was to die for. We ate shrimp and steaks and ended with desert and ate until we couldn't eat anymore. It was awesome. One little town we went through was called Solvang, where it was all Dutch influenced and there were cool castles and windmills and it really felt like we were in another country. We spent Sunday morning in Solvang, eating breakfast where we had the most delicious danish pancakes. It was a beautiful morning eating outside in the patio area and after our nice, long breakfast- we were ready to attack the wineries for day 2.
Two of the most stunning vineyards we visited were on day 2, Sunstone and the winery that K-fed belongs to, Gainey. At Gainey- we got to go through the room with all the barrels of wine and the tasting room was way in the back. We sat in high back leather chairs and felt like kings as they came around and poured us 8 different wines to taste. We bought almost 20 bottles of wine while we were there, I bought some earrings and some cool books. It was a great experience and I learned a ton about wines and now I know what I love- and that's Pinot Noir and Syrah's. They were definitely my favorites at each of the wineries we visited. I am ready to go back and hit up more of the wineries- we only just scratched the surface.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lido Tapas Restaurant

There is a fabulous new tapas restaurant called "Lido" that is right down Washington Blvd. (the road I live off of), 2 blocks from the beach. I must say it is one of my new favorite places (and the fact that I absolutely love tapas!) but they do have some kinks to work out-- like service. I've been 4 times since it opened a month or so ago and they are making great strides- the menu has changed a few times and the food just keeps getting better and better. I have total faith in them though and am not giving up on this little place- everyone should go and try it out! My friend CP, his son Nathan, K-fed and I went there last night and K-fed and I brought 2 bottles of fabulous wine that we bought up in Wine Country this past weekend. The food and wine were delicious! Oh-- and that's another tip... you can bring in your own alcohol which is soooo nice!
Afterwards, we walked down to Coldstone to get some icecream! Good night, good times. CP and Nathan are on their way to Hawaii so I am glad that I got to see them before they took off... If you guys are reading this- have a safe trip and hope to see you when you get back!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mammoth Weekend

This past weekend, 10 of us headed up to Mammoth Mountain for a weekend of snowbaording! It was great fun! The picture above you will find from left to right : Nick, Herman "Big Perm", Boomer "Ribs Malone", Jack-O-Lam, K-fed, Dana, Riza, Jen and Maria... Not shown in this pic is Sheena "Scrunchie" I just realized... You can see her below behind me with the white cap on. This pic below was taken after our first day boarding Mammoth Mountain. We stayed at the Horizon Condos and had a great little 2-bedroom, 2- bath loft. It was the perfect size for the 10 of us- we all fit comfortably and I would definitely stay there again. It was nice, convenient and cheap- just the right combination. It was another perfect weekend snowboarding. Blue skies, no wind and spring like conditions. I am finally linking on blue runs.. not all the way down the runs but I can link a few times. I feel comfortable going toe-edge all the way down but I just can't seem to just link all the way down. K-fed spent a little time with me on the slopes and I think that helped... here we are below on the gondola heading up to Mammoth Mountain! This is my first time here! This was also first time for Sheena and Boomer to snowboard and they did so great! I was totally impressed how comfortable they were on the mountain. Below is a picture of Boomer bombing down the mountain like he normally does- and he did have to pay for that- he walked away with some cuts on his arms and 3 bruised ribs! We are thinking of you Ribs Malone- hope you get better soon. Check out the scenery in the picture though- its so beautiful!!! The second day we snowboarded June Mountain, which was only about 15 minutes away. It was so much better-- much less people and we felt like we had the whole mountain to ourselves! I like to think of Mammoth as "Hollywood" and June as "Westside!" The only bad thing is that Silverado/Baby Face was a bit icy towards the end of the run but the other runs were really nice. Below is a picture of all the girls and boys at the end of our day at June. We are hoping to go up again in a few weeks... stay tuned! I am definitely hooked to this sport.. I never thought I would love a snow sport this much!