Friday, March 28, 2008

Dinner at Pam's Place

Last week, K-fed's mom came to visit for Easter (Shirley) and they drove down to spend the holiday with his brother in San Diego. I got to meet her for the first time and have dinner with them before taking my red eye flight to Pensacola, where I spent Easter with my family. We had a lovely dinner at Pam's Place (the Thai food there is the best!) and she is absolutely lovely. Looking forward to getting to know her better!!! I am in Mammoth while I write this so I am off to the slopes!!! Wish me luck that I don't break anything.. its snowing outside right now so we should have some good powder!


Life said...

Hey Riza, I'm happy I got a first comment from you on my page. Well, happy to hear from you too. From your blog page, it looks like you been all over the world. I can't catch up with you anymore. But I'm so envious of you that you can do these things. Yes, we should hang out soon. Everyone is doing good. Ben is starting this rock band with Joey and a couple of other guys. You should come check it out one day. They will be having band practice this Saturday morning at the L.A Times music room. If you plan on coming to hang out with us for band practice, let us know. We will reserve a parking space for you.

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