Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Mammoth Weekend

Well, we had another mammoth weekend a few weeks ago- a little late on blogging about it but it was definitely a trip to blog about. First, it snowed pretty much all weekend! I've never been snowboarding when its been snowing... much less been in the snow period. It's always been spring like conditions in the mountains- where you barely need your jacket, sun is shining and skies are blue. We had similar conditions but the temp and wind were definitely much different- high winds and much colder. The group that went up this time were me, Kevin, Jack, Lisa, Ron, Paul and Sheena- great group! We got to stay at a friend of Lisa's cabin up in Mammoth which was so nice (thanks again Lisa for hooking that up!).
It was another perfect weekend- we made breakfast all together in the morning and dinner at night. Kfed hooked us up with his famous ribs that we devoured that night and the next day. We had a fantastic dinner with great wine (we brought some bottles that we got up in wine country), ribs, grilled veges, twice baked potatoes and cornbread. After a long day of boarding- we needed the food to refuel the next day.
Ron had a little accident on the slopes and couldn't board with us the second day. I wasn't with him, but the boys were and said that Ron was a trooper. He dislocated his elbow, or overextended it I guess and Ron snapped it back himself while waiting for ski patrol. When we got back to the cabin, Kevin took him to the ER and he was back pretty shortly after, arm in sling and all. He has to do some therapy on his arm, but all in all, he is ok. Paul also had a minor accident with his knee but he turned out ok too! This is a pic of Jack, Lisa and Kfed when we were walking back to the cabin from Mammoth Mountain. It was so beautiful and it was so nice how close we were to the slopes! I think this will be my last trip snowboarding this year... but already looking forward to the next one!