Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Women's BC Tests

A few weeks ago, I participated in Scuba Diving Magazine's Women's BC Test that we did off the coast of Oxnard, CA (an hour north of LA) at Anacapa Island, part of the Channel Islands. Here is the group of all of our testers with the director Bill Kendig and John Brumm.
It was an absolutely perfect day, blue skies and great visibility! It was so nice to have some of our old team back together and meet some great, new lady diver friends! Everyone was super cool and the place where we were diving is absolutely gorgeous! See the picture above- this reminded me of the Galapagos!
This is a picture of me and Bill. I really miss seeing all my dive buddies from the magazine and not sure when we will all be together again. It was really great to see my friend Polly from San Fran that came down for the test. She was my buddy while we tested the bc's and on every single dive- we would see sea lions! On one dive we had probably 10 of them swimming all around us! It was crazy cool. For more pics on this dive, click here!

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