Saturday, June 07, 2008

On my way to Tokyo!

Here are some pics of us having dinner at Lido (my favorite tapas restaurant in Venice!) on Thursday night, the first night that Rachelle got into LA. We actually did quite a bit since she was here (not even for 2 days) and didn't stop until we got into Kevin's car on the way to the airport.
Rachelle and I are sitting in the Seattle airport right now headed to see Rosie Rose in Tokyo!! We arrive there on Sunday afternoon (Tokyo time) and we still have 2 hours or so until we leave this airport.

We got up at... oh wait a minute- we never slept (practically... we did take a few cat naps) and Kevin graciously took us to the airport at around 4am for us to catch our 6am flight to Seattle.

Wish us luck on our last leg and we will blog when we can along the way! Love and miss everyone...

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