Sunday, June 08, 2008

Our Trip to Tucson!

This blog post is a little bit late but definitely worth posting nonetheless. Last month, Kevin and I flew to Tucson, where he grew up, to spend some time with his mom and dad. We flew out of LA on a Friday night and took the short flight to Tucson (our first flight together.... I know, we're dorks) and checked into the Embassy Suites. That next morning, we met his mom at her house to go for a hike up Sabino Canyon, part of the Catalina Mountains. I had met Kevin's mom once before and she is a terrific lady! She has a great place close to where we were staying and we hiked for a couple of hours that AM. It was so nice, I saw different terrain and couldn't believe how much life was actually out in the desert! It was a perfect time to come, the cactus were flowering and the weather was hot- but not unbearable! The views were stunning and it was fun to see where Kevin grew up and spend some time with his family- they are all really great. That night, we met his dad at Flemings Steakhouse for a fantastic steak dinner and this was the first time meeting his dad. He was so warm and welcoming and very funny. Now I see where Kevin gets his jokes, his laugh and sense of humor- definitely from his pops. We got to see his dad again the next day for a little bit (we stopped by his house, where Kevin grew up) but hope to spend more time with him on the next trip in! The next day, Shirley (Kevin's mom), Kevin and I went to Mount Lemon and went all the way to the top for lunch (we drove that part, not hiked! It was too far up!). It was weird to see all the ski runs with no snow and the dead trees and motionless ski lifts. At the top of the mountain are a few runs for the locals to do and a nice little ski lodge where you HAVE to eat the homemade chili and get their corn bread- delicious! We spent all morning exploring the cool canyons, babbling brooks where crazy bamboo was growing like wildfire and checking out the amazing views! I could have stayed and wandered around all day. I bet it would be cool to come at night... but there aren't any lights I don't think around.
On Sat night, we also visited my friends Tod and Kenya who are my friends who used to live in New Orleans. It was so surreal going to Tod's house in Tucson... out of all places! It was a nice night with some excellent liquor, sharing old memories and having them meet Kevin. I am glad that we had that time to reconnect. Looking forward to seeing Tod and Kenya again soon-- maybe in September at the Monterey Jazz Festival!It was such a fun weekend and many more to come I hope.