Thursday, August 28, 2008

Touring James Goldstein's House

Kevin and I just did an amazing tour of James Goldstein's home (from the Big Lebowski). Our friend James is an architect working on additions to the house and he was nice enough to give us a private tour of the place which is located in Beverly Hills. The whole theme to his home is bringing the outside in, and a lot of the rooms had retractable roofs or full glass panes that opened up. He brought in a ton of exotic plants and the whole surroundings reminded you of a cuban rain forest. You can see in this picture how the end looks as though it just drops way off into an abyss.... well- you are right. There are no railings anywhere, and lots of clean angles and lots of space. It was absolutely beautiful... and on a beautiful day too! Click on the photo for more pics!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We're In!

Here are some pics of our new place now that we have some furniture in! We are slowly getting our guest bedroom and study in order... but at least we have our tv and internet set up (you know, the most important things!). We've made amazing progress the last couple of weeks- just need to get those last two rooms done and hopefully we will get it done before Labor Day since my lovely friend Monique will be coming in town!
Here's a picture of our kitchen- finally, room to cook! I can't believe all this furniture fit in this little room... and my big red armoire is in the corner! Our study... what a mess...