Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My morning runs

I love my early 6am runs! These are pics of a couple of the paths I run in the Marina and the Venice canals. Part of my run is actually on the beach between the jetty and the Venice Beach pier which was super tough today because the sand was sooo soft. It was such a beautiful, clear morning this morning that I had to take some pics to share with you!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shopping Spree in Camarillo

Kfed and I went to Ventura county for the day on Saturday and stumbled upon -ok, so we meant to go to- the premium outlet malls in Camarillo. We meant to get a couple of things and an hour turned into 6. After throwing bag after bag in the back, it reminded me of when Rose and Rach and I would go shopping for hours and it would look just like this! Can you believe Kfed could handle 6 hours of outlet shopping? It was very fun-- but tiring! We even only stopped for about 10 minutes to eat a 6-inch Subway sandwich before going for round 2 until the shops closed!

Our drive along the coast...

I love driving along the PCH in the early morning to slowly watch all the crazy fog, which is the marine layer coming off the ocean, burn off and instantly- you have another incredible Cali day. Here is what the day looked like after the marina layer burned off. We stopped off on the side of the road near Point Mugu before entering Ventura county.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Office in Minneapolis!

Just had to post this pic I took at our headquarters in Minneapolis! Right when you go into the lobby, you see these 3 pictures-- and I am the one in the middle!!! Too funny, huh? Our offices are really big and spread out and its super easy to get lost!

If you click on the photo it will take you to the set so you can see what the outside of the building looks like- not very impresssionable but now you know what it looks like! When I go there for my 2 day trips every quarter, we usually go right in and they put us in one of the hundreds of conference rooms inside and we never come out until the end of the day practically!

It was great seeing my co-workers and will be back first week of December!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Camping Sycamore Beach

Camping Sycamore Beach
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We went camping up in Sycamore Canyon, near Sycamore beach (north of Leo Carrillo and south of Oxnard) that is about 40 minutes away from my house! Jack, Lisa, Ron and I went up on Friday night and Jack and Lisa actually went up earlier than us to set up camp (thanks guys so much for setting up the shade house, tents and getting our kitchen tricked out!).We had such a great, relaxing weekend- Kfed camped the next night with us but missed the first night because he had class, and Mike, Paul and Mary and Nicole came to join us on the beach on Sat. The campsite was nice, although there were a ton of people and the campsites are pretty close together. I thought that the site was actually on the beach, but its actually on the other side of the PCH but just a quick 5 minute walk, which we also did at night (that was beautiful!).We also did a short 1 mile hike up to this point where you can see an amazing view of the SoCal coast line--which is the picture above.
This is a pic of Mike and I dorking out at the rangers station. I had to post this pic... too funny :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Monique comes to Visit LA!

My good girlfriend from college, Moniqe, came to visit me in Los Angeles over Labor Day weekend and it was just like old times! Although I am gone from the wonderful city of New Orleans, I will never leave my friendships that I made while I was there. I treasure all my friends from the Big Easy, whether they are still there or not, we all still stay in touch & feel like our friendships are stronger than ever. And even though we don't talk every day, week or even month- when we do talk or see each other, it is like we haven't missed a beat! I love that. That's what true friends are all about. Well Monique just so happen to book her flight the same weekend that Gustav was coming straight for New Orleans. We both went back and forth whether she should come or wait it out... but at the end of the day- there was no need to sit and just wonder what was going to happen and waste the weekend. So she decided to just come out no matter if it was just for the weekend or for a few weeks (we didn't know how bad conditions were going to be)!

We had a great time when she was here! We ate at some great restaurants including Lido- my fav tapas restaurant! We spent the day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa... my fav spa here in Cali!.... We ran a 10K - Nike's Human Race Run We went biking around Venice and Santa Monica.... We grilled out and had a bbq on Labor Day with fam and friends....
I can't wait until she comes back!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike, Ike- go away!

This is all too surreal... First Gustav and now Ike- both major hurricanes and now Ike has grown so big that it stretches over 500 miles wide! It is heading for Galveston/Houton, Texas but my parents who are in Pensacola, FL-- wayyyyy east-- is feeling the effects of Ike. Here are some pictures that my sister sent to me that shows the surf in Pensacola.

Here is a quote from that email sent yesterday: "Thought you would all like to see these pics I took today at the beach. Ike was hundreds of miles from us. Streets were flooding all over. And we didn't get a single drop of rain. All flooding was from surge. The pier pics are at full zoom - WAY out there. Waves were 20' whitecaps almost a mile out!...I didn't see a single surfer ;-)"

The bottom picture was taken underneath Banana Bob's at Quietwater Boardwalk.
This is such a scary storm. My prayers and good vibes go out to all of those who had to evacuate and are in the path of this gigantic hurricane.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Kevin & Riza's Labor Day BBQ

Kevin & Riza's BBQ
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This past labor day weekend, we had some friends over for a BBQ- which was our first time having people over our new pad! Thanks to all our friends who came to join us and our special guest, Monique, who was coming anyway for the weekend and what a great weekend it was since Gustav was coming towards New Orleans! It is definitely just the first of we hope many more to come... Click on the photo to see more pics from the party!

Monday, September 01, 2008

3rd Anniversary of Katrina

rose and riza
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I can't believe that we have hit a 3rd year anniversary mark for Katrina and now Gustav is about to hit New Orleans- at almost the same time. We survived a few years with no worries of a major hurricane and this will be the first test to see how the city fares after a hard hit. I am praying for all my friends, family and everyone in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast that you guys are safe and have traveled to higher ground-- especially my parents who are in Pensacola. I wish I was there to just be with you through this time.

This was a picture of me and my sister right before we stepped into my house on Sycamore street in New Orleans for the first time... the first time we were let back into the city after being evacuated for over 6 weeks. These times still haunt me, especially now.