Monday, September 01, 2008

3rd Anniversary of Katrina

rose and riza
Originally uploaded by rizanola
I can't believe that we have hit a 3rd year anniversary mark for Katrina and now Gustav is about to hit New Orleans- at almost the same time. We survived a few years with no worries of a major hurricane and this will be the first test to see how the city fares after a hard hit. I am praying for all my friends, family and everyone in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast that you guys are safe and have traveled to higher ground-- especially my parents who are in Pensacola. I wish I was there to just be with you through this time.

This was a picture of me and my sister right before we stepped into my house on Sycamore street in New Orleans for the first time... the first time we were let back into the city after being evacuated for over 6 weeks. These times still haunt me, especially now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Riza!
Crazy hurricane! I've talked to some former co-workers/friends from the hospital there - they're enthusiastic that Gustav wasn't as strong as predicted. They're still going to get some large amounts of rain from here on, but so far, thank God - not like Katrina. I'm glad you won't have to deal with any of the hurricanes! I'm glad you relocated!
I love the pics of you and Kevin's new apartment!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Am I to guess by the pictures that most of the people who had their houses flooded unfortunately had to leave Louisiana?

rizanola said...

Yes- that's exactly right. A lot of people had to leave, some people stayed. It will be interesting to see what happens after Gustav. Even though this one didn't hit, I know that people are getting restless and evacuating means no longer a "hurricane party" or "vacation from work" but more like... "get to higher ground and hope you still have a home to come back to." Thankfully this one died down to a Category 2 and moved west!

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