Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike, Ike- go away!

This is all too surreal... First Gustav and now Ike- both major hurricanes and now Ike has grown so big that it stretches over 500 miles wide! It is heading for Galveston/Houton, Texas but my parents who are in Pensacola, FL-- wayyyyy east-- is feeling the effects of Ike. Here are some pictures that my sister sent to me that shows the surf in Pensacola.

Here is a quote from that email sent yesterday: "Thought you would all like to see these pics I took today at the beach. Ike was hundreds of miles from us. Streets were flooding all over. And we didn't get a single drop of rain. All flooding was from surge. The pier pics are at full zoom - WAY out there. Waves were 20' whitecaps almost a mile out!...I didn't see a single surfer ;-)"

The bottom picture was taken underneath Banana Bob's at Quietwater Boardwalk.
This is such a scary storm. My prayers and good vibes go out to all of those who had to evacuate and are in the path of this gigantic hurricane.

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