Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bye bye butlers!

Rach, dan and the boys just left after church and lunch and it was so
sad to see them go. It was great spending time with them and can't
wait to see everyone at Christmas! Here is a pic of lolo, lola and
the boys !

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Go jake!

My nephew and godson rockin the skee ball machine! It's rainy outside
and a good way to spend a sat nite with family. This is exactly why I
love the holidays!

My little cousin jr

Don't you want to just bite his face and squeeze his legs? This is my
uncle herming and auntie mila's son.


The boys showing me how good they are skateboarding! Jake is riding on
my sister's longboard. these little guys are amazing!

I love my nephew!!!!!

My baby nephew Lucas.. we were editing my pics together! He is too

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lucas and lolo

We went to the navy exhange and we leave Lucas and my dad alone for
two minutes and my dad started showing Lucas how to work out on the
machines!!! It was too cute....

Finally... Some rain!

It's been raining here now for a couple of hours and it's much needed!
I'm here at lax getting ready to head to Pensacola (my hometown)
connecting thru Atlanta. Looking forward to seeing my family! Wish the
other siblings could have made it but we will see you guys at
Christmas!!! Happy early turkey day y'all!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A nice, overcast day in la!

A pic taken from my office window that looks out on Washington blvd.
It's only 3ish and I feel like I should take a nap! Thank god I only
have a few blocks to walk home from here...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Kfeds last day!

Congrats to Kfed on his last day at john lainge homes and to the start
of new and exciting things to come! Today is the beginning of new
ventures... And I will be there with you along the way! Love you babe!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Geeta's BBQ Party

Geeta's BBQ Party
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Here are some pics from our awesome friend- Geeta's- bbq party on a lovely Sunday afternoon. She had a couple of her good friends in town visiting and hosted a wonderful bbq with the most amazing food and we can't forget Photoglou's margaritas!!!! Thank you so much for your hospitality and I think we should take turns throwing such nice dinner among good friends. Her place was really super cute, very close to Ron's house. Can't wait until the next one!

My little bro's place!

Rogers place!
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I just shot a couple of pics of Rog's place in San Fran but its too cute! I was able to go for literally less than an hour as we showered there and went back to San Jose for the party! Congrats Roger on your place and living solo! It's such a nice feeling, eh? I am very proud of you and hope to come back and visit soon! Love the view from your window!!!!

After our run...

Turned out to be a beautiful morning...

Our morning run...

In the marina on this super foggy morning which was actually really
nice running weather. It was also a bit humid. Couldn't beat the
incredible scenic run from the marina to the strand (boardwalk) on the was a perfect run. That's Kfed in the background there now
let me show you what it looked like after our run!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks rose!

For the hello kitty mirror (too funny- can't wait till rach sees it!)
and the scarf!! I love them both! AND I got I on my actual birthday
all the way from Tokyo! U r the best.. Thanks rose!!

Birthday lunch

Thanks Vanessa and mike for lunch at one of my fav spots!! And what a
gorgeous day out! Good pepes, good company and good food... It's a
great day!!!


.. And that includes you Kfed!!!! I can't believe that you guys did all of this for me. I am so touched by my incredible, thoughtful family and words can't express how thankful I am to have my iMac... I mean-- to have you guys in my life! Ha... you know I had to throw a joke in there... But seriously- you guys are the best and I couldn't stop crying this morning when I saw what you guys got me and read the email chain to know you guys were thinking about me. Thank god Kevin was there to help calm me down! I couldn't even open the box I was so shocked... he had to do it for me and put it on my desk for me!

You guys mean the most to me and I can't wait until Christmas to have our whole family together again. Even this weekend, with me, Rog and Ron together with our cousins- it isn't the same like when it is our family. Its hard with all of us being spread all over the country and to think just a few years ago, we would see each other every other weekend and all the holidays including Easter and July 4th. But even though we are far, far away from each other- our heart grows fonder and it makes us appreciate the time that we do have together when we are together. I know that doesn't make up for seeing each other every weekend like we did before- or at least more often- but it shows you how strong of a family we are and how much we love each other and what we will do for each other. Thanks to mom and dad for teaching us the power of family and prayer because that's something that money can't buy. I hear it all the time from my friends how impressed they are with how close our family is and how beautiful it is to see us all together and we can only thank our parents for teaching us how to love.

Thank you always Mom and Dad and my brothers and sisters and Kevin for loving me always no matter what! I love you all just as much and thank you for making my birthday the best ever.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cali fires Sunday

Much different view flying back today- Sunday. I can't even see the
coastline since there is so much smoke from the fires. We could even
smell it in the cabin of our plane as we got closer to landing.

I love my bros!

Miss u guys already.... Just had a fun filled saturday at my cousin
staceys cotillion (18th debut party) here in San jose! Will post more
pics soon... Here is a pic of us right before I had to leave! Wish our
parents and sisters could have joined us! See you guys soon...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Roger picks me up!

My bro roger picked me up from the airport in his scion rental that he
got from the car share program. I love this program! It's so great
seeing everyone and spending time with our family

Amazing views from the plane...

Feels like I'm in another country... But it's just Cali!

Cali fires

Close up

Cali fires

It's crazy how many fires have broken put the last couple of days...
It's really scary and the one that broke out in Monticello had 200
plus house go in flames! I am on a flight right now heading to San
jose for my cousins catillion and family get together and here are
some shots I took from re plane.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcoming home our troops!

What an awesome site to see in the phoenix airport on the way back to
los angeles! A hundred or so supporters welcoming back our heroes and
their loved ones!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mar vista farmers market

I love this market the best out of all the ones I've been to! Just a
tip if u go to this one on sundays from 9-2p.... Go early to get the
fresh fish because the run out of the good stuff fast! Also, visit
jerry's taco stand and try the corn on a stick!!!

Mar vista farmers market

Our neighboorhood farmers market! It was a windy bike ride, but a
beautiful day!

Jim gaffigan

Hot pockets!!!! Too funny..

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Santa monica power yoga

Kfed and I went to this early morning class for an hour and a half
yoga class which was incredible- the teacher was great and it was for
donation only! Just a tip if u go, which I highly recommend- go to
classes b4 10 am! The line for that class went down the block!!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We rocked the vote!

... And now we r having breakfast at maxwells!

Location of our voting poll

Venice beach highschool right around the corner from our place!

In line to vote!

Kfed and I got up at 6 to try and beat the line... Oh well- it's not
too bad!! Don't forget to rock the vote today y'all!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

@ tea garden

Me and Kfed

Jin patisserie

On Abbott kinney- tea garden with amazing deserts. Kfed and I r here
on this beautiful sun afternoon enjoying a delicious, flourless
chocolate cake!