Monday, November 17, 2008


.. And that includes you Kfed!!!! I can't believe that you guys did all of this for me. I am so touched by my incredible, thoughtful family and words can't express how thankful I am to have my iMac... I mean-- to have you guys in my life! Ha... you know I had to throw a joke in there... But seriously- you guys are the best and I couldn't stop crying this morning when I saw what you guys got me and read the email chain to know you guys were thinking about me. Thank god Kevin was there to help calm me down! I couldn't even open the box I was so shocked... he had to do it for me and put it on my desk for me!

You guys mean the most to me and I can't wait until Christmas to have our whole family together again. Even this weekend, with me, Rog and Ron together with our cousins- it isn't the same like when it is our family. Its hard with all of us being spread all over the country and to think just a few years ago, we would see each other every other weekend and all the holidays including Easter and July 4th. But even though we are far, far away from each other- our heart grows fonder and it makes us appreciate the time that we do have together when we are together. I know that doesn't make up for seeing each other every weekend like we did before- or at least more often- but it shows you how strong of a family we are and how much we love each other and what we will do for each other. Thanks to mom and dad for teaching us the power of family and prayer because that's something that money can't buy. I hear it all the time from my friends how impressed they are with how close our family is and how beautiful it is to see us all together and we can only thank our parents for teaching us how to love.

Thank you always Mom and Dad and my brothers and sisters and Kevin for loving me always no matter what! I love you all just as much and thank you for making my birthday the best ever.


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