Monday, February 16, 2009

Natura Spa

This past weekend, me and a few of my girlfriends indulged in a special treat that came straight out of Korea Town-- Natura Spa. This place is a gem hidden near Vermont and Wilshire and from the outside of the building, you would have no idea you are about to enter an underground, amazing spa (like a japanese onsen!) and with the most incredible korean cafe! Let me just talk about the food really quickly because I think all of us who went would go to Natura just for the food! Its incredibly cheap and they give you a ton of food! I recommend the Korean California Roll and the octopus... both very delicious and it will totally fill you up- but of course very healthy. During our 5 hour visit to Natura (and you need about that much time), we ate when we got there and again before we left. They have a desert that was to die for (below) that was just like halo halo (except with more fresh fruit, unlike the filipino desert).
You can go into this traditional Korean spa for as low as 15 bucks and stay all day and enjoy all the amenities (steam, sauna, multiple pools, jade room, clay room, resting room, etc...). If you go for the day- bring your own toiletries, scrubs, etc.... to pamper yourself! If you get a massage- I definitely recommend the shiatsu, 1 hour for 40 bucks! OR... if you are feeling like really getting pampered- I would recommend the scrub and massage- $80- but it takes about an hour and a half and they scrub your entire body (about 30 minutes), then wash your hair a couple of times with a scalp massage, then give you a cucumber face mask and then ends with a massage! Its SO worth it!

I will be frequenting this place at least a couple of times a month if I can! If you would like to experience Natura.... let me know- there's also a ritual routine you should do when you go in-- but I can tell you all about it!

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Unknown said...

Riza...this is my favorite one! It is the best! I go about once a month (sometimes more) After three years I have visited all of them in K-town and this is the top! I am addicted! Hope all is well - take care!