Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good luck tomorrow rach!!!

Rach is doing a sprit triathalon tomorrow... I know u will do great
and knowbwe are all there in spirit!!! Love u rach!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The deckhand

Kfed helping sail cp's boat... We just left the dock heading out of
the marina, going past where the spree docks their boat! It was a
gorgeous day... The sun was a scorcher though!

Thanks for the ride cp!

What a great last day in the keys... Cp took us for a ride on his 39
foot sail boat and we went snorkeling on the sanbo reef an had lunch
and drinks ok the boat! She is a beauty and hope to sail with u to the
Bahamas one of these days! Cp, you are one of my dearest friends and
looking forward to many more trips together.... Diving the world!

Heading home

What an amazing trip we had... No injuries and nothin lost! We did
around 19 dives over this past week and I have so many pics to post
and dives to write about. The worst thing that happened was probably a
tiny scare during one of our night dives- but I'll tell u about that
later. It's going to be a long way home!!!! Just wanted you to know we
are safe and sound!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Back in key west!

Doing a wreck dive as our last and final dive of the trip! Boo....
It's been a blast! More details later!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Earthquake #2 ....

Well, I wasn't there to actually experience it but a friend of mine, Jen, who lives in the neighborhood called me when I was in the Miami airport to tell me that another earthquake hit LA... and almost in the same spot it hit just a couple of days ago! This one hit as a 4.1 magnitude and around the same Hawthorne/Inglewood area which is very close to my neighborhood- Mar Vista. That's crazy that this big of an earthquake hit the same spot so close together! Let's hope #3 doesn't happen anytime soon. They say that LA is due for a big one- at least 1 every 10 years and the last one that hit was in 1994 or something like that. Cross your fingers we stay earthquake free for a while and that "big one" stays away....

Kfed gets nitrox certified!

He wasn't very happy havin to take his test while we were in the keys
but he passed! Yippee... Tomorrow we will dive a wreck together!

The garden house B&b

This is a pic of the cute b&b where we are staying in the keys! It was
only a few buck more than the motel 6 around the corner... Only a
couple of blocks from the water!

In the keys

So far so good- kevin successfully completed 2 of his 4 check out
dives and we just had lunch at this restaurant on the water! He is now
going to get nitrox certified and I am heading to carribean spa to get
a massage!!!! I couldn't dive today becase I wasn't feeling 100
percent but hope to dive tomorrow with him on his last two dives.
Today he just did skills test and he said the water was pretty rough
and there was some current. He said he saw a ton of huge tarpon today
because they are spawning! Will write more later!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We made it to key west!

Kfed and I met up in Miami and flew to key west together! We are
staying at this really cute bed and breakfast called the garden house
a few blocks from the water! We got here around 10ish and going to
bed!!! Just wanted u to know we made it safe and sound!

Finally made it to Miami!

We had a slight detour... After being in the air for only 30 minutes,
we had to back to lax because a passenger on the flight had a medical
emergency! I really hope that person is doing ok. It set us back about
an hour and a half but that's ok since my layover is about 4 hours. I
do have some work to do when I land so I will have no problem filling
my time.

Wish u all could be there with me! I am writing this on my 4 and a
half hour flight to Miami (I could be in Hawaii with this long of a
flight!) I'll blog as much as I can before I run out of connection
thurs night when the boat departs the keys as we make our way out to
the tortugas. pray that we have safe travels, that I recover 100
percent from being sick and that the weather holds out on us and we
have sunny, blue skies! Love an miss u all... Riza

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On my way to the dry tortugas!

On the flight now.... Looking forward to seein kevin when I land in
Miami and then we are off to key west together! From there we will be
leaving the dock on Thursday night heading to the dry tortugas and
diving on Friday! I am not feeling so hot and hoping that doesn't stop
me from diving. I guess worst case scenario is I only get to snorkel :
( pray that I get 100 percent better!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My first Earthquake!

Whoa- I just felt my first earthquake here in California... and it seemed like it lasted forever! I was just sitting at my dining room table working on a report for work and I noticed a rumbling noise coming from outside and the place starting to shake. I literally thought it was a big truck or something passing my place but the vibration didn't stop. On top of my fridge is a glass vase with glass flowers inside of it and I started to notice the clanking of the glass flowers against the vase grow louder and louder! Then I realized.... its an earthquake! I quickly got under my table and as my heart started pounding faster and faster, I waited it out until everything was quiet. It felt like forever, it probably was more like 20 seconds.

Afterwards, I talked to Kfed and we got online to see where it came from-- it was a 5.0 earthquake and it was pretty close to me... near Inglewood! (I live a little northest of Inglewood.) Check out the map... I'll check out the news tonight- hopefully there is no damage anywhere!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Crawfish boil!

Cecilia and Helen hosted an awesome crawfish boil at their house!!! It
was good times... Thanks so much!