Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally made it to Miami!

We had a slight detour... After being in the air for only 30 minutes,
we had to back to lax because a passenger on the flight had a medical
emergency! I really hope that person is doing ok. It set us back about
an hour and a half but that's ok since my layover is about 4 hours. I
do have some work to do when I land so I will have no problem filling
my time.

Wish u all could be there with me! I am writing this on my 4 and a
half hour flight to Miami (I could be in Hawaii with this long of a
flight!) I'll blog as much as I can before I run out of connection
thurs night when the boat departs the keys as we make our way out to
the tortugas. pray that we have safe travels, that I recover 100
percent from being sick and that the weather holds out on us and we
have sunny, blue skies! Love an miss u all... Riza

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