Sunday, May 17, 2009

My first Earthquake!

Whoa- I just felt my first earthquake here in California... and it seemed like it lasted forever! I was just sitting at my dining room table working on a report for work and I noticed a rumbling noise coming from outside and the place starting to shake. I literally thought it was a big truck or something passing my place but the vibration didn't stop. On top of my fridge is a glass vase with glass flowers inside of it and I started to notice the clanking of the glass flowers against the vase grow louder and louder! Then I realized.... its an earthquake! I quickly got under my table and as my heart started pounding faster and faster, I waited it out until everything was quiet. It felt like forever, it probably was more like 20 seconds.

Afterwards, I talked to Kfed and we got online to see where it came from-- it was a 5.0 earthquake and it was pretty close to me... near Inglewood! (I live a little northest of Inglewood.) Check out the map... I'll check out the news tonight- hopefully there is no damage anywhere!

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