Thursday, August 20, 2009

More TextingForward Meetings in Las Vegas

Here is a picture of us in the lobby of the beautiful MGM Grand- Signature Towers. There are 3 towers and they each have their own vibe, decor and smell- if you can believe that. It's been a great week so far and we are so PUMPED and excited about the incredible things that lay ahead of us.
This is a picture of us at Brio the night before last in Town Square- which is an amazing shopping center here in Vegas. They have everything from Gucci to Yogurtland... I can spend hours shopping in there! There weren't too many people there though- so I hope that the economy picks up and people start to spend some money because that place is awesome! Here is a pic of us eating last night at Emeril's restaurant and no, not in New Orleans (I wish!) - this restaurant is in MGM Grand here in Vegas. It was a super lovely dinner though (my swordfish was the bomb!) and the deserts were delectable! Next time, I am going to order the Banana Creme Pie that Shawayne and Jerson got- it was heavenly! Miss and love you guys! Stay tuned!

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