Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week 3 of Muson's Stache!

Here is the latest update on my "brother" Mike's stache that he is growing to raise money and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer research.  He has raised over $1300 this month...but his goal is $2500... Let's help him get there!!! Here is his update:

The "stache" has been the subject of much debate, ridicule and thankfully tons of laughter.  I am currently visiting my Mom in Florida and she couldn't help but note how much it reminded her of my Dad's back in the 70s.  That provided a nice connection and launching point for more involved conversations about their courtship and insight into my Dad that I didn't have before.  Beside the money we've all raised together for cancer research, learning more about my Mom and Dad has been the best reward I've gotten from this fun endeavor.

If you haven't already, please donate through the following link :

As a reminder, all donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Prostate Cancer Foundation will use the money raised by Movember to fund research to find better treatments and a cure for prostate cancer. 

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Michael Ayson said...

Thanks Riz! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.