Monday, February 01, 2010

A Day @ Laguna Beach

This past weekend, we spent Saturday on the beach and Sunday in the snow at Mountain High! Nowhere else can you do that and I definitely will never take that for granted. We had such a great time and it was a perfect day with bright sunshine! We played A LOT of paddle ball, flew kites, played in the sand and played at the little jungle gym that they had there on the beach. It was a full day!

This was the first day that the sun peeked out after a whole week of rain so we were all excited to be outside. Chops was too cute-- he met Matisse-- a very cute little French kid, who was his "new best friend." They played together all afternoon and held hands as they ran around the jungle gym. We hope to run into him again when we come back! Chops still talks about him, but can't seem to remember his name!
Click here to see the pictures to the full set on Flickr! We hope to be back there soon but since there has been so much snow falling, we are going to try and go sledding as much as we can so we will be heading out to Mountain High again this weekend.