Wednesday, February 03, 2010

SMARTY: Foundation Course Winter 2010

I am part of an incredible group of women entrepreneur's and business women called SMARTY. Being part of this group, you have access to these classes called Foundation Courses where you really get a chance to get intimate with 9 other women who are all trying to do the same thing you are-- get your business or idea off the ground! Being part of SMARTY has been great meeting very cool women and going to awesome events, but being part of the Foundation Course- especially this specific one- took membership to the next level!

Tonight was our last night together as a group and we had everyone there except Kala, who was in India and Leah. The picture above shows you the meeting room where we met every Tuesday night in Santa Monica. I will truly miss our Tuesday night gatherings and just being in the presence of these women-- and Amy Swift who is the founder (not pictured) and led our group. It was inspiring, motivational really helped me think about my business in a way I never did before. We had such a great time and got along so great that Ginna (second to the left), is going to host a reunion for all of us at her place on March 2nd! I hope we continue to get together to talk about our successes!!!

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