Friday, February 12, 2010

Superbowl Sunday 10k: Redondo Beach

So this past Sunday, before the AWESOME game, a group of us ran the Redondo Beach 10k (along with 10,000 other people)! After finding out the SAINTS were going to be in the game, we decided to make shirts and run in Saints jerseys in honor of them! After a couple of craft nights (that Andrea LOVED!)... the shirts were done!
We were missing Ubaldo and Chad in this picture... and hope they make it next year! We were all players and the back of our shirts had their name and number... except for McLovin that had to be different than the rest of us!

It was such a fun race- but it wasn't as easy as you would think! There were two decent hills at mile 1 and 5- and the one at mile 5 really counts as 2 back to back-- not to mention the mile incline in the beginning of the race. I didn't finish under an hour (my goal time) - but I did finish in 1:05. I really think the inclines I was doing at the gym helped me beat these hills and I wasn't even sore the next day. I did enjoy that last mile or so along the pacific- the views helped me to keep on going.

Thanks for the Lovin boys for getting up super early (once again) to cheer me on! Next time, I hope we can all do one together. Geaux Saints!

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