Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day to Everyone!

Isn't our planet earth beautiful? Let's keep it that way! These pictures above were taken last weekend from Jeff's grandparent's backyard in beautiful Valley Center, near Escondido/San Diego, south of LA.

So as you already MUST know by now, today is the 40th Anniversary of Earth day! Hopefully - you did one thing "green"-- but hopefully you are doing green things everyday. Just something simple as re-using the cup that you drank out of instead of grabbing another cup makes a difference!

Today- I decided that I wouldn't drive - ok, so there are many days that I don't! But I wanted to do one thing that really made a difference. I decided I would start composting. The main excuse I used was the fact that I live in an apartment complex and didn't have a backyard really. Also, I thought it would be hard and was just lazy to not take the simple steps to start.

I took 10 minutes today to do a bit or research on composting and I am going to make a conscious effort to do it! Try and do something green today-- you still have time!

Here is some info that I found to help me start composting:
Happy Earth Day! Riza

PS- Congrats to one of my heroes, Rick O'Barry (and the entire film crew), for his appearance on Oprah today to promote the award-winning documentary The Cove! If you haven't seen this movie- please go see it. It will change your life.

I just thought I would post this picture below because it really does show you the beauty of the mountains in the background (and notice they are snow-capped!) and the water. Let's keep our earth healthy and beautiful. Do something good for Mother Earth! Start today..

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