Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jazz Fest 2010

 I have the best friends in the world. My girls pitched in and bought me a ticket to come to New Orleans after they found out that it was tough for me to come-- and I am so glad they did. Even though I just got to go for one day-- it was worth any plane ticket. I miss them so much.
We had a really great time at the fest and we are missing Helen, Woods and Emma in this picture! We closed it down and really got the most out of the day.
After the fest, we had an awesome crawfish boil at Chris Joplin's place. It was so nice for him to put us ALL up! It was sooo nice to eat some crawfish- I hadn't had crawfish since last year!
Here is all of us towards the end of the night before they left to go to Tipitinas. What an awesome night..
In the AM, Helen and game made some awesome omelets and I loved Chris' strong coffee! Here is the last group shot of us all together before we took off to Pensacola. Emma took off to Nashville the next day and Helen, Woods and James were leaving on Tuesday. I am in Pensacola now but heading back to New Orleans tomorrow night.

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