Friday, April 09, 2010

Rose's Going Away BBQ

I just wanted to post some pictures of Rose's going away BBQ that we had on Monday night for Rose before she left on Tuesday to head to Portland for a couple of weeks!
We had such a great turnout of people- we were only expecting around 10 or so... but lots of people stopped by! Thankfully we had plenty of elk burgers (the elk meat was incredible-- courtesy of Del and his family that hunted for this elk!) and a lot of people brought food too.
Jeff cooked 3 bags of eggrolls and we couldn't get them onto the platter fast enough! People were taking them right from where he was frying them outside
After the party- they busted out the banana-grams game! (Rach-- we have to play this game- its so fun!) It's no mahjong -- but its really fun! We will play this when we are all home for sure. Be safe in Portland Rose!!! Love you, Riza

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