Sunday, May 16, 2010

Santa Monica 10k Run

This morning, I ran the Santa Monica 10k with Myla, Mike and David! It was a bit overcast (the sun didn't come out until early in the afternoon) but thank god it didn't because it didn't get so hot!
It was a really fun run that started just south of the Santa Monica Pier and ended at the Santa Monica Pier. Its a tough course because you are basically at a steady incline for the first 4 miles-- but then you enjoy that 2 mile slight downhill on the way back-- which I definitely took advantage of!
Cordia surprised me at around mile 5 and ran with me towards the finish! It was SO great having her there and helping me through that last mile! And at the end - I saw Jeff and the boys and Ethan ran with me the last stretch across the finish line!
After the race- we went down to the Santa Monica pier where they held the expo to get my awesome new race shirt (they have the BEST race shirts here in Cali!) and to check out the booths. I've done this race every year since I've lived here and hope to do it again next year! I am already trying to figure out the next race I will run... maybe Jeff will do one with me :)

Here are the rest of our photos from the race!

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