Thursday, May 13, 2010

We are moving to Costa Mesa!

Jeff and I just signed a lease TODAY for a house in Costa Mesa and we will be living here by June 4th! Costa Mesa is about 45 minutes south of where I am living now.
We found this cute little home on the east side of Costa Mesa, about 5 miles from the beach and really close to 3 different freeways! Its also close to great restaurants and shops (walking and biking distance) and only about a mile from the swap meet which is opened every weekend and has a farmer's market inside. This a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with a double car garage and a backyard!
Its an older home- but we are excited to move in and decorate it the way we want to! I am going to pick out paint for the hallway, bedroom and bathroom and there are some minor fixes our landlord has to do before we move in.
Above was taken from the hallway going into the living room and the kitchen is to the right (behind the red wall). The kitchen itself is really old (electric stove) and not a whole lot of counter space but we will make it work! At least we will have a double car garage with an extra fridge outside to keep drinks and other food that won't fit in the kitchen.
The pics above are of my office...there is a lot of sunshine that comes into this room with nice big sliding doors that go out to the backyard.
Above is taken from the dining area looking into the living room. There are tenants still living here so the rooms were really messy and they are trying to pack up things so I will take more pictures later! We just wanted to share with you that we finally found a home and looking forward to living in a real house and starting a new chapter in Costa Mesa.

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