Monday, August 09, 2010

SMARTY: Peer 2 Peer Leader

As you might have noticed from past blog posts, I am a SMARTY. SMARTY is a networking group of entrepreneurial women and its one of the most beneficial groups I have ever joined. Professionally, mentally and socially. It's a very dynamic group of independent women and love having a place to go (whether in person or on our message boards) to vent, get inspired or just have some fun.

See here for more info about SMARTY.

Well, I was just notified that I was chosen, along with 14 other women, to be a Peer to Peer leader. You can read a little bit about what this is all about but basically we had to apply and be picked to represent our industry and hold seminars for the SMARTY community and teach them about our field. For me, this will sharpen my presentation skills and material- but give me great exposure within the SMARTY group and hopefully turn this into business! Just thought I would share this with you... more to come as I teach my first workshop.

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rosalyn said...

I've had the opportunity to go with Riza to a SMARTY event and they are truly SMART group of ladies. The group is very diverse with women entrepreneurs from various industries, so it's an amazing way to learn about different industry verticals and effective business skills as well as a great way to network to make their business' a success! Just from that 1 event I attended, I saw so much camaraderie and support for each person in the group, which was awesome to see being that girls can be so catty or mean to each other. It was truly an inspiring event and an incredible group of women!!

CONGRATULATIONS RIZA!!!! This is FANTASTIC! I want to go to your seminars and join in on the webinars too! You definitely deserve to be on that panel of women. SO PROUD OF YOU!

Lots of love,