Thursday, November 04, 2010

Good-Bye Sharon! We miss and love you!

Jeff's lovely mom Sharon, was visiting with us for the last 3 months and we can't believe how fast time flew by. It was so nice having the chance to know her and spending as much time as we did- so we feel very blessed and lucky to have had the time we did. On her last night with us, Rose made us an amazing meal and we sat outside to break bread together one last time. It was such a nice night.
We were a bit exhausted because we were recovering from Ethan's birthday party and a night of trick-or-treating around the block! But we had a great time seeing all the family at the house and of course- dressing up and being silly since it was Halloween.
We got to do so much while she was here.. it's crazy that when she first got here we were going to Ethan and Chop's swimming lessons! That seemed like ages ago! We will miss you so much- we already do. Hope to skype you a lot from all the way over there in Australia and let's not wait until too much time passes to see each other again. We love you!