Saturday, April 30, 2011

Riza and Jeff's Engagement Party

Hello Family- as you know, Rose and Ron threw Jeff and I an engagement party and they did such a great job- and Roger was able to come in town to help out and be there for our special night. It was so touching to us that you guys did this for us- words can express how we truly feel. Family is everything to us and we are so glad that you guys are here close to us and we wish that the rest of the family could be here too.
We just wanted to post some pics and a little video of a song that Rose, Ron and Charles sang for us that night- and it just made the night even more special. This was a cover of the song "Price Tag" that is sung by Jesse J and Charles changed the song a bit and wrote a tribute to me and Jeff. Click on below and check it out.

One of the other highlights of the night was the LOVE pinata that Rose filled with all kinds of goodies including tierras, lots of bling, sceptors, pom-poms and of course- candy! Everyone had a good time hitting that pinata!
I'll put more pictures on flickr once I have them uploaded! Miss and love you guys and thanks again for making our engagement party so special! XOXO, Riza and Jeff

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Wed Night Run Club

We meet at Mutt Lynch bar in Newport beach on wednesday nights! Jeff and the boys came with Rose and I last night and it was a lot of fun havin them there. We met our "Ragnar" relay buddies through this group and looking to do more runs with them!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rose's last leg at exchange 31! Go rose! In mission bay now!

All the decorated Ragnar Vans

I will post more of the vans and the race names buy I love this one!

Heading to our last leg

We ran through the night and the last runner ended around 8am this morning. We stopped in Carlsbad for a breakfast of Champion's and now heading to the next and LAST major exchange. Rose did great on her run this am at 3 and I had an easy run right after that. More updates soon! Rach- you ARE doing this next year with us! It's sooo fun!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ragnar relay: exchange 11

We just saw Sunshine from the Biggest Loser show and we are almost done with leg 1! Sarah is running now and Stephanie (below in the green shirt) just got done and did awesome! Thank god the sun is going down and ita getting cooler. After she gets done with her 8 miles- we are getting to eat dinner (yay- real food!) and ice!!! More updates to come!

Roses leg- exchange 7

These are pics of us going to exchange 7 for roses first leg and us while we are waiting for her to start!

Ragnar Relay has begun!

We are here at the exchange and runner 7 just started! Rose is runner 8 and will be starting next!

The Ragnar Relay starts today!

Hello everyone!

Rose and I are running the Ragnar Relay and the race starts TODAY! This is a 200 mile race that starts in Huntington Beach and finishes in Coronado Island! Rose is Runner #8 and I am Runner #9- we all have to run 3 different legs.

Rose 1st leg is 5.4 miles, 2nd leg is 6.5 miles and 3rd leg is 5.9 miles = 17.8
My 1st leg is 6.0 miles, 2nd leg is 2.4 miles and 3rd leg is 8.3 miles = 16.7

See the map here:
There are 2 vans, with 6 runners each and we will be sleeping/eating/waiting in the van along the route- sometimes pacing people as they run. We run NON-stop starting at 8:15am and we are estimating to finish by 6:38p tomorrow night. I will be blogging as much as possible but here are our run times- remember these are Pacific time! Also, these are ESTIMATED times - depends on how the runners before/after us do!
Rose: Leg #1=1:12pm Fri, Leg #2=2:06am Sat, Leg #3=12"47pm Sat
Riza: Leg #1=  2:12pm Fri, Leg #2= 3:13am Sat, Leg #3= 1:46pm Sat

Wish us luck! We will be posting and blogging along the way! Love you guys!
PS- Mom and dad- sorry I haven't called lately- but we will try and skype you from the van (if possible)!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's race day!!!

We are here at the start/finish line- 5am start for us! Things are going GREAT - so far so good!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Day Before The Race!

Hey guys... It's the day before the race and we are getting ready! Even though I'm not running- it's so exciting to see the tents up and be in the thick of things! These are pics taken at Chafietz Stadium where the expo is taking place and a shot of a spot near the start/finish where we will be working on race day- and close to our hotel on market street in downtown St Louis!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Can you see a trend in our workspace?

Who needs a desk these days? It's all work and no play for us.. Except a drink or too! Things are going good so far... But the real action is just beginning as the expo kicks off today!

Please tell Jacob that there is a cardinals store in my hotel- and I will find Rams stuff too- but email me exactly what you want again and I will see if they have it here! Any other requests from St Louis?? Love u guys!

Ethan won FIRST Place in the Science Fair

Ethan did SO well in his Science Fair yesterday... he won 1st place in the Earth division (there were 4 divisions). He was so happy he won, and he deserved it. We made sure he did everything himself and really learned from it. Most of the kids at the science fair had projects that looked like they were done by high school kids. You could tell their parents did everything. Everything was typed out with computer graphs and graphics. But they questioned each kid and knowledge of the project was the number one criteria. We are VERY proud of him! Go Ethan!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

We made it to St Louis!

Jers and I landed here in St louis and we are staying at a beautiful Marriott hotel in downtown St Louis! No time to play though- we are at dinner... With our computers of course! Love and miss u all!

Ethans Science Project

The science fair is tonite! We are so proud of Ethan and the hard work he put into this! Chops helped a lot :)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Our beautiful drive home

We just went thru Gilroy and stopped at the fruit farms and got us some fresh strawberries and garlic pistachios! Yummy... Just thought I would share a few pics of our scenic drive home. Miss you already Roger! Love you all..

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Jeff takes a ride on Rogers scooter

He had a blast taking a ride on Roger's scooter! Especially since jeff sold his motorcycle.. It was such a great day today in San Fran! Wish u guys were here with us! We will post more soon...