Friday, April 15, 2011

The Ragnar Relay starts today!

Hello everyone!

Rose and I are running the Ragnar Relay and the race starts TODAY! This is a 200 mile race that starts in Huntington Beach and finishes in Coronado Island! Rose is Runner #8 and I am Runner #9- we all have to run 3 different legs.

Rose 1st leg is 5.4 miles, 2nd leg is 6.5 miles and 3rd leg is 5.9 miles = 17.8
My 1st leg is 6.0 miles, 2nd leg is 2.4 miles and 3rd leg is 8.3 miles = 16.7

See the map here:
There are 2 vans, with 6 runners each and we will be sleeping/eating/waiting in the van along the route- sometimes pacing people as they run. We run NON-stop starting at 8:15am and we are estimating to finish by 6:38p tomorrow night. I will be blogging as much as possible but here are our run times- remember these are Pacific time! Also, these are ESTIMATED times - depends on how the runners before/after us do!
Rose: Leg #1=1:12pm Fri, Leg #2=2:06am Sat, Leg #3=12"47pm Sat
Riza: Leg #1=  2:12pm Fri, Leg #2= 3:13am Sat, Leg #3= 1:46pm Sat

Wish us luck! We will be posting and blogging along the way! Love you guys!
PS- Mom and dad- sorry I haven't called lately- but we will try and skype you from the van (if possible)!

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