Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eilat, Israel

Hey guys! Sorry we haven't been able to post very much but just wanted to share a few pictures with you before we have to head out again... and will hopefully post more tomorrow since we are not diving tomorrow... but traveling to the ancient city of Petra. These pictures below and above are when we first arrived in Tel Aviv and went to dip our toes in the Mediterranean.
This pic below is one of the scenic stops along our 3ish hour journey to Eilat (pronounced Eelat) and although it was all desert- there was a lot of different terrain and the trip over was very interesting. Plus, we had our eyes peeled on wandering camels. Although Jeff and I didn't see any- CP swears he saw about 6.
After a quick journey south- we finally arrived at Eilat and are staying about 1/2 mile away from the border of Egypt. We are staying at the Prima Music Hotel which is next door to the dive shop where we meet for our morning dives every day and where they are hosting the Epson Photo Shoot Out. Jeff and I are both competing- so wish us luck! I will have to post some of my shots first, before you see Jeff's! Just know that mine are with a point and shoot- and Jeff is using a Canon Rebel T3i! I have to run but will post more pics to come.
FYI- The awards ceremony is on Saturday night so we will let you know if anyone from the American Team won-- that's just any of the 9 of us in our group! Ha.. Love you guys-

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