Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Rosie Rose!

Happy birthday to a great sister and friend! So glad that we were actually able to SURPRISE you this past weekend for your bday! We wished that everyone was here to celebrate- but I am sure we will do it again for the holiday when we go home to Pcola.
We almost didn't pull it off... it was SO difficult to get Rose out of the house in time for everyone to come over before her surprise dinner. Dave was in charge of getting her out of the house by 5pm and to the restaurant by 8pm since most of the guests were coming to the house first and then we were going to walk over to the restaurant so she didn't see any of our cars!
But we pulled it off and she was totally SURPRISED! We had a great turn out and the venue ended up giving us the back patio-- a really nice night to have dinner outside.
It was awesome the her close family and friends could be with her to celebrate her special day and we all hope you had a great time! It was fun putting it together and everyone helped out to pull this off! It was also nice to have Roger here and Dave's family even came to celebrate as well!
Above is a picture of some of our Run Club who came out to surprise Rose as well! It was fun having everyone together- but we did miss Mom and Dad and the Butlers. We will have to tell you the whole story soon! Love you Rose and the celebration will continue on tonight!

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