Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shark Presentation at Chops School

Jeff, me and Heidi- a good friend that is a scuba diver as well- went to Choppies Pre-K Class and did a presentation on sharks since it was animal month this month.
Heidi had a presentation built already- that was really tailored for 5th+ graders- but we tailored it to kids and Jeff re-did the presentation adding more pics, etc..
Jeff did a great job presenting -and overall, it was just a ton of fun. It's a subject that is so close to our heart and that we are so passionate about- so its fun teaching others what we know and love.
We taught them things like sharks can swim backwards, they have 3 eyelids, they go through 30,000 teeth in a lifetime and more! The kids were so amazed...
We did activities with them like connect the dots, color the shark and gave them each 2 photos of sharks that jeff took pics of and the loved them. I baked shark/fish sugar cookies too which they gobbled up!
Here is a pic of us and the class. Mrs Diaz and the class had such a great time, they have invited us back in a couple of months where we will be doing a presentation on Life in our Pacific Waters- where we will be talking about what creatures they will find right off our own beaches! We are also going to do the shark presentation in May to 2 classes at our friend Nicole's school! So fun!