Friday, April 27, 2012

At Cil and Jons for Jazz Fest 2012

We just got here yesterday morning- we took a red eye flight and landed around 8:30am. Those overnight flights are brutal!!!! We are staying with Cecilia and this is going to be a quick trip- we are just here until Sunday night.
So far, we are all just catching up and hanging out- the weather is so nice that we bought stuff to eat from Whole Foods and just brought it to the levee and hung out in the afternoon into the evening. Its really great to see everyone! When we got back- Jeff learned how to make shishkabobs from Uncle and Auntie! Can't wait to make it for everyone when we get back to Cali! Love you guys and will try and skype with you later mom and dad!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Exchange 27- Carlsbad

We are waiting on Maggie to come in- and Heather will be running her last leg--in style! Check her out! She is even running with Baxter! Ha

Exchange 26.. Maggie is about to run...

It's 8am and Brian is running now and Maggie is about to run next!!! We are in Carlsbad and on our way to Coronado Island!

Getting some rest before our last leg!

Here we are at a major exchange waiting on Rose to cross so that Van 1 can run their last leg! This is the best sleep we have had the whole time! We slept on a golf course-- I love this time of day! Rose came in really strong and did great! It was 7am when she crossed.

My second leg: 7.4 miles starting at 2:20p

Dena did great on her leg (she is runner 5 and runs right before me) and passed the slap bracelet to me and Jeff waited with me and saw me off. This run was the hardest run I've done in a long time and the race bible was sooo wrong! It did say 2.5 miles of it were uphill - the first 2.5 miles- but then I had 3 hills after that which was NOT in the elevation chart! I would say about 5
Miles of it was straight uphill!!!! But I don't stop once and it is now over- yay! It's 3:30am and let's see if I can get to sleep anytime soon! More to come...

Chillaxin at the major exchange

Here are some pics of us- Van 1 folks- relaxing at the major exchange where our whole can finishes our legs and now Van 2 must run their legs. We have about 6 hours until our next runner has to run and I have almost 10 until I have to run a 7.4 miler. So far, so good- we are set back about an hour and a half since Maggie got lost on one of her legs and a woman passed out in front of David Root on his first leg and he had to call 911! But other than that- we are making great time and hoping to finish around our projected time of 6or 7 tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Leg One ... Done! Two more to go...

We met Van 2 at the first major exchange - when runner 6 (that's me!) passes it off to runner 7- the beginning of the legs for van 2! I passed off to Dave root who has an 8 mile leg that he is running right now! We just ate lunch at subway and heading to the next major exchange where we will meet up with Van 2 to start our 2nd legs! My leg was good - but sooooo hot! Glad that leg is over!

Exchange 2

Brian did great - ran about an 8 min mile and now Maggie is off! She has about 5.5 miles! Go mags!!! Here
Is Ron burgundy - aka- Patrick handy- playing the jazz flute for her as she comes in!!!

And we are off!

Start: Huntington beach. Van 1- team: run classy San Diego. Team captain: rosalyn Ayson. Number of miles: 203.5. Number of hours to run: 36 non stop. Destination: Coronado Island, San Diego! Wish us luck- Patrick Handy is runner one - Brian is running now and we are on our way to exchange 2- 34 to go!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ethan and Chops Meet Louie for the first time!

Our Wednesday Night Runs

Run club on Wednesday nights! Finally the sun is staying out longer :) love running with these guys! The bottom pic is the orange club- missing rose though! Love our orange saucony arm Warners- they work great!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Ethan and Chops Meet Louie

The first time Ethan and Chops meets Louie!

Meet Louie Lovin!

Meet Louie Lovin! The newest member of the Lovin Family! He is a french bull dog and is 4 months old. He joined our family on Thursday, April 5th. He was the last one of his siblings to be adopted- he had 3 sisters- all who were much different than little Louie. They were very hyper and full of energy- while Louie is very quiet and shy-- although he can be very energetic when he wants to be! He does NOT bark at all - we have never heard him bark yet. Although- he does wimper if he is alone or can't see anyone and wants to come in the house.
As you can see- he is already very much a part of the family. Ethan and Chops are already best friends with Louie and he cries for them when they aren't around. It was love at first sight with the boys and I had to post this video of Chops and Louie on Day 2. Louie basically let's the boys do whatever they want to him and when they aren't rolling in the grass with him- they have him on their laps all day and he loves to be held or on your lap. Check out this video.We can't meet for you all to meet him!